Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I haven't posted in awhile, so here I sit at 11:20 pm blogging. I keep thinking I need to do this, and never get around to it. So, here we go. These next 3 pictures have no blog entry really to go with them....I just think they are funny and cute.

Madi got to lick the spoons after I made GREEN Rice Krispie treats for mutual.

I thought this was a good picture of Bailey just enjoying her Easter basket.

Kylie came out of her bedroom the other day with this get-up on. She said she was a super hero! She put her toast colored dance tights on over her leotard, and then put these pink underwear on over the top of them. I thought it was hilarious and she thought it was ingenious.

This is the pic to my Easter morning post that never with it....ha ha.
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Ok, I'm posting these a little out of order, but we'll all live won't we? This is Easter morning. Of course the kids just got out of bed, so they're looking a little wild. I don't know what this first picture is except that is shows I let the kids get themselves ready for bed. Kylie is wearing a DAD T-shirt, and Bailey is wearing some jammies that are a little too short. Oh well. The Easter Bunny hides the kids baskets each they were off hunting first thing. They all really enjoyed the flarp....Bailey enjoyed it so much she took it to school the next day to show her teacher how WONDERFUL it was too. I'm sure Mrs. Olson LOVED it. Really. The Easter Bunny also hid eggs all over the house that the kids got to collect. Jon held onto Kylie and Bailey while Madison got a head start. I just noticed that picture did not attach so I'll attach it to my next post...grrrr......

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Coloring Eggs

The kids love doing this, I mean, what kid wouldn't?? I still enjoy coloring eggs....and obviously Jon does too, because I always get pictures of him with the kids every year....none of me with them. Oh well. This year we tried the dye without any vinegar but were so dissappointed with the dull colors we finally broke out the vinegar. I can't believe what a difference it makes! I let the kids EACH color a DOZEN eggs!!! Well, eleven eggs each, cause three broke in the pan... My kids LOVE hard boiled eggs and I often will have a carton in the fridge that has "BOILED EGGS" written on it with a sharpie. I especially love to make deviled eggs out of the colored eggs cause they're always a little TYE-DYED! I told Jon that one year we used the hard boiled eggs for an Easter hunt in our house. I even reminded my mother of it. It brings back fond memories of the one that went missing for some time....until we could smell it. Someone had hid it in a little decorative shoe my mother kept in the window!!! YUCK!!
I didn't let the kids hide the real ones! :)

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Where did you come from??

It has been so warm here!! Seriously, it got into the low 80's about a week and a half ago! But, of course Spring likes to tease us and grace us with a little more snow!! YUCK! Jon and I were getting ready to go somewhere and Madi decided to go outside, looking like THIS!!

I said to her, "Madi, where did you come from?" and she just simply said, "From you mom!!" I love all the silly things kids say, and do, I mean....look at this outfit! AND, she's blowing bubbles. When they're not being stubborn, I just love these little people in my life.

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I think I'll be seeing more of these little people as the weather continues to warm up!! These are some of the kids that live in the homes right around us. They all get along so good, and play until they can't anymore. How fun!!
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Shoshone Falls

The weekend of the 19th my niece and nephew (Logan and Whitney) called and asked if they could come visit. I was thrilled to have them here. They are great company and they have the cutest little girls. We heard Shoshone was running really good, (from the McQueens blog) so we decided to take them down. We got everything ready for an AWESOME picnic at the falls....crescent rolls, chicken salad, cottage cheese, canned peaches from last summer, chips, ummm.........pretty much the works. So, off we went!! We got down to the turn off and there was a HUGE line of cars backed up for TWO MILES!!!! There were even signs up that said to expect a 45 minute delay. We decided to go to the Twin Falls park they never got to see the falls. I'm sure they'll be over again, but the falls don't flow like this that often. We did have a great time though and the kids loved every minute of it. On our way back I told Jon he should call his parents to come over and see them. I called. And 2 1/2 hours later they were over!! They spent the night and then we took the kids out of school a little early. Here are a couple pictures we got while we were down there. The only time I've ever seen them they just have a trickle going over them, but this time....WOW!!! They are so majestic. It reminded me of a time I drove up to Ashton, Idaho and we were looking out at the Teton Mountains, and one of my friends made the statement, "How can someone see something like that and doubt there is a God?" It is SO true, and it makes me so thankful for all the beauty our Heavenly Father has blessed us with. I'm glad we were able to go and enjoy all of it.
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Monday, April 20, 2009

Another giveaway from the Meanest Mom!!

Okay....I now my last post was about the Meanest Mom blog, but if you haven't checked it out yet do it now!!! Just follow this link....
This giveaway is for Mother's Day...and don't we all deserve it!!??

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I found one of the coolest blogs ever a couple days ago. The button to this blog...The Meanest Mom, is on my right sidebar. I don't remember how I actually stumbled across it, I'm just happy I found it. This woman just says it how it is....and I LOVE IT!!! I've spent way too much time on her blog reading through her hilarious takes on life and kids. And it's great to know that I'm not the only one to tell my kids I'm getting rid of their toys, or, umm, other things that you'll find in her blog. You ALL have to check it out. Right now she's giving away a Modbe swimsuit too!!! The link to the giveaway is .