Saturday, October 11, 2008

First Snow of the Year!

Madi kissing the snowman!! Mwah!!

We woke up to snow this morning!! The girls were so excited. They woke me up this morning opening all the blinds in the house so I could see for myself what the night had brought. We only got a couple inches but it's calling for between 2-4 inches more tonite!! Since we don't get very much snow here we bundled up and went out to enjoy it. The girls had so much fun! We had a snowball fight, made snow angels, and even made a little snowman. We were soaked by the time we came inside, so even though it was only about noon the girls came in and put on their fleece PJ's and I fixed some hot cocoa. We sat at the table and ate lunch, sipping our hot cocoa and talking about the fun weather we had just enjoyed!

Here is Madison throwing a snowball at me while I tried to capture the moment.

Bailey and Madison showing me their creations, snowballs. I was the target!

Here is Bailey's snow angel!

Kylie was just lying down to make her snow angel, she loves the snow.

We made a little snowman, it was still cold enough that the snow did not pack very well. I actually brought a spray bottle that I use for their hair to wet the snow a little so they could make this little guy. We used grapes for the eyes, and yes, a carrot for the nose.