Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Better late than never!!! Halloween!

Here are the girls during Halloween! Kylie decided to be Sacagawea..sorry about the spelling...Bailey was Ariel and Madison was Spongebob! I made the Spongebob costume for Madi and she loved it. I kept asking her, "are you having fun Madi?" She would look at me and say, "I'm not Madi today, I am Spongebob Squarepants!" She even did a head stand and said, "Mom, look what Spongebob is doing." She is a crack up! Kylie and Bailey had fun as well. Bailey was finished, and Kylie kept pleading, "Just one more house!" I love Halloween!

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Young Women Manual 3 Lesson #40: Loving Ourselves and Others

Well, today I had the opportunity of teaching this lesson. I thought it was a little difficult. Teaching the girls about the self esteem you need for yourself so you are better able to esteem others. Of course, I spent the majority of my time on my handout. I found these cute...no...adorable scarecrows at http://www.skiptomylou.org/. I had to use them! When I found out I was teaching this lesson, I figured I could make the scarecrows....YAY!!!....and relate it to the lesson. I talked to the girls about gardening and the things we need to do to nourish it and make sure it grows so you get the harvest from it you would like. I also talked to them about the things that could destroy it...weeds, bugs, birds, etc... So, I related this to Satan's war on us...to forget who we really are, daughters of God. We talked about the things we could set up in our lives....like a scarecrow....that would help ward off these negative thoughts. We had a really quick lesson....15 minutes because we had to set apart one of the girls, then announcements took forever this week. But, I think the girls were receptive to what I shared with them. They were even more excited about these fun handouts I gave them. I attached a small piece of cardstock that had a quote on it from Sherry Dew...from her talk at a BYU Women's Conference. The title of her talk is, "Knowing Who You Are and Who You Have Always Been". I made a copy of this talk for each of the girls. It's amazing. I hope they take the time to read it. Anyway...hope you enjoy.

Family Pictures

Kylie, Madison, and Bailey
We got family pictures a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't figure out how to upload them. Yeah, I know....I did it once before, why couldn't I just do it like I did last time? Good question. I'm still trying to figure it out. My niece, Whitney took these pictures. I think she does a great job. You can check out her blog at http://www.whitneycurzon.blogspot.com/ . This is my favorite picture of the girls together.

Whitney captured some great pictures of Madi. I love almost every picture that was taken of her. Her quirky little smiles, her attitude...all the things that make me just want to squeeze her to pieces.


Bailey took some great pictures too. We only got one of her infamous face that she makes. I can't say I'm dissappointed about that though. Every picture from our trip to NY this summer had THAT FACE in it....so a few without works for me.


Oh my goodness! Kylie would run to a spot and strike a pose, then say, "this would be a great spot to take some pictures". I'll have to upload the picture when we're all falling in the stream, not Kylie...she's striking a pose over on a rock by the side....completely oblivious of the commotion from us falling in the ice cold water up at Cherry Springs. She is such a goof!

The Family 2008

Well...here we are. Whit you did a great job...Thanks!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

First Snow of the Year!

Madi kissing the snowman!! Mwah!!

We woke up to snow this morning!! The girls were so excited. They woke me up this morning opening all the blinds in the house so I could see for myself what the night had brought. We only got a couple inches but it's calling for between 2-4 inches more tonite!! Since we don't get very much snow here we bundled up and went out to enjoy it. The girls had so much fun! We had a snowball fight, made snow angels, and even made a little snowman. We were soaked by the time we came inside, so even though it was only about noon the girls came in and put on their fleece PJ's and I fixed some hot cocoa. We sat at the table and ate lunch, sipping our hot cocoa and talking about the fun weather we had just enjoyed!

Here is Madison throwing a snowball at me while I tried to capture the moment.

Bailey and Madison showing me their creations, snowballs. I was the target!

Here is Bailey's snow angel!

Kylie was just lying down to make her snow angel, she loves the snow.

We made a little snowman, it was still cold enough that the snow did not pack very well. I actually brought a spray bottle that I use for their hair to wet the snow a little so they could make this little guy. We used grapes for the eyes, and yes, a carrot for the nose.