Thursday, May 14, 2009


Okay, so I went PRIVATE this last week. I feel like I have to explain......when I first set this blog up my father expressed his CONCERN that anyone could look at it. I felt like as long as I didn't put any personal information, about where we live or anything, I was okay. Well, the last time I was updating my blog I noticed this guy in my "followers" bar. I tried to find info on him...blah, blah, blah, but couldn't find anything. I wondered...why the heck is this guy following MY blog???? It made me feel uncomfortable that ANYBODY COULD LOOK AT MY BLOG. (Yeah, I know my Dad already warned me of this...but I had to do it my way first.) When I decided to set it to private a friend told me, most of the people in the blogosphere world are good people.... I agree, but there is a small percent that make it that we even have the, I hope you are all able to get on here okay. If you receive a notice one time when you log in that your invite has expired...try it anyway...I've noticed with some that I've been invited to that I can still log in even thought the invite has expired. Love, Amos

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