Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Madi had a Birthday!

I LOVE this picture of Madison. It couldn't be any better. She had pre-school on her birthday. So, I made her some fun cupcakes and took them over. When we walked in I heard a lot of giggling, but didn't see anyone. All the kids were hiding so they could jump out and surprise her. She thought it was great. I guess when it was time to come up for snack this is the outfit Madi had on. It doesn't surprise me....I see her in all sorts of things.....and if you don't believe me just scroll down to set the get-up she had on in the snow!! But, here you go, this picture sums Madi - at four- up pretty well. Crazy fun!

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Toby Maxwell said...

I can't believe that Madi is 4!!! Where has the time gone? Madi we love you and hope that you had a great birthday!! Love Mark, Toby Jade and Jaxson. xox