Monday, May 10, 2010

Long time no see!!

Okay!! I know it's been along time, almost a year! I guess this has just been the last thing on my to do list. Now that you know that, you see how seldom I get to the very bottom of it.
I lost my camera in July of last year. We went to Magic Reservoir for a fishing trip one day and thought we must have left it up there. I was pretty upset. We had pictures on there of the activity day Daddy-Daughter dance and fishing trips and other things. We didn't go get another camera immediately, so that was hard when the first day of school rolled around. I snapped pictures of the girls with my phone. Not the best pictures. Jon got me a new camera for Christmas. Not two days later we were going somewhere in his car, yes, the one we drove to Magic Reservoir. I opened up the ash tray to see if he had some spare change and right there was our camera!! I remembered putting it in there once I found it. How sad is that? Ha! So, now we have the two and I still haven't blogged. I'll try to catch up.

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Nicole said...

yeah, comeon, what, it's like you have been busy or something? :)