Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grandma Esther's visit!

My mother was just out here for a couple weeks. I had NO idea she was coming! My sister Juli surprised me the day we baptized Kylie. I was showing them the house we just moved into and my mother was in the kitchen!! Completely took me by surprise! Juli brought her out here for Kylie's baptism!! What a fun surprise! Sisters are great!! She was able to be here for Kylie's baptism, and then she came back down for a week to spend with us. We made a cute buggy barn quilt for Madi's bed while she was here. Well, actually she made it. We also went over to the quilt store in Burley while she was here and we were in there for 2 1/2 hours!! It was an awesome store, so it didn't seem like we were in there that long. Grandma was here for the girls Valentine parties and helped with the craft at them. It was fun to have her here. Grandma bought these cute little princess things for the girls. They're wooden and the girls were able to color them. They also had sparkly things to glue on that the girls thought were great. Grandma helped them put these together. Kylie was at dance while we took this picture. I'm really kicking myself that I didn't take more pictures than this, but unfortunately this was the only one from her whole trip. Hopefully she was able to get more than I did. I hate that Kylie isn't in the picture, and that this is the only one. The girls loved having Grandma out though. Kylie loved to go down in the morning and see her before school, and Bailey's teacher is still talking about how excited Bailey was because she talked about it at school all the time. I think Madi loved it too. She was thrilled Grandma was making a blanket for her and jabbered her ear off the whole time she was here.

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ang said...

holy cow can you believe how big your kids are getting. I cant believe Kylie is 8. Jeff said it was so good to see john the other night. I am glad to here things are going well for you.

Annie said...

What a cute picture of your mom and your girls! What a fun surprise to find her in your kitchen! And then to have her make a Buggy Barn quilt -- what could be better?

Nathan, Tasha, and Jake said...

Hey Amy it is Tasha, I found your blog from Tanille's. Your girls are so cute. I miss seeing all my YW friends.