Sunday, November 9, 2008

Young Women Manual 3 Lesson #40: Loving Ourselves and Others

Well, today I had the opportunity of teaching this lesson. I thought it was a little difficult. Teaching the girls about the self esteem you need for yourself so you are better able to esteem others. Of course, I spent the majority of my time on my handout. I found these scarecrows at I had to use them! When I found out I was teaching this lesson, I figured I could make the scarecrows....YAY!!!....and relate it to the lesson. I talked to the girls about gardening and the things we need to do to nourish it and make sure it grows so you get the harvest from it you would like. I also talked to them about the things that could destroy it...weeds, bugs, birds, etc... So, I related this to Satan's war on forget who we really are, daughters of God. We talked about the things we could set up in our a scarecrow....that would help ward off these negative thoughts. We had a really quick lesson....15 minutes because we had to set apart one of the girls, then announcements took forever this week. But, I think the girls were receptive to what I shared with them. They were even more excited about these fun handouts I gave them. I attached a small piece of cardstock that had a quote on it from Sherry Dew...from her talk at a BYU Women's Conference. The title of her talk is, "Knowing Who You Are and Who You Have Always Been". I made a copy of this talk for each of the girls. It's amazing. I hope they take the time to read it. Anyway...hope you enjoy.


Toby Maxwell said...

The cookies turned out great!! I'm glad that everything went well.

Tiffany said...

Amy you have always had creative ideas for lessons! I love the cookies. Good job.